DUI-Related DMV Victory

Another DMV Victory in a DUI Case – by Bill Haney, Ventura County Criminal Defense Attorney

I received a joyful email  yesterday from a client who opened a letter from the DMV and learned that his license will NOT be suspended for driving under the influence of alcohol.   The client was arrested months ago when officers found him behind the wheel of a crashed vehicle.  He told them adamantly at the scene that someone else was driving, and left him with the car.  The officers basically disregarded his claims of innocence, insinuated that he was a liar and hauled him off to jail.

To save my client’s license, I scheduled an in-person hearing.  When a client hires me, I do my own legal work.  I don’t send a junior lawyer to do my job.  After cross-examining the arresting officer, I developed evidence from the 9-1-1 call, the vehicle’s registration paperwork, eyewitness testimony and the condition of the vehicle to prove that my client was not the driver.  Most importantly, I presented my client’s own truthful testimony about the events that preceded his arrest.  I was confident at the hearing that we would prevail.   In my experience, DMV hearing officers can be very fair and willing to listen to credible evidence.   It is a relief to see preparation pay off for the benefit of the client.

I am a former supervising attorney in the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office.  While serving as a deputy district attorney, I oversaw all misdemeanor and felony DUI prosecutions.  I understand how to defend you in criminal court and before the department of motor vehicles.  If you find yourself charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in Ventura County, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at (805) 585-0048.  You may also scheduled an appointment with me by email at bill@billhaneylaw.com.

  1. July 30, 2016

    I’m glad that this client had you. Now i wish attorneys would come together with the public and insist that the California DMV is NOT outside the law as they so very often appear to be… Bigger than God! I am a surviving kidney donor who unscrupulously refused a blood test by a bully policeman and was hauled of to the hospital and forced… then I was hauled of to jail. Needless to say, no evidence of alcohol or drugs were found in my blood yet the insult and injury leave me reeling to this day! An attorney as well as my insurance company told me not to fight it because the DMV always wins. It’s about time that the DMV is put in their place. I am still required to carry an SR22 despite my innocents. And let me add that the police and D.A.’s office was of no help. It took 9 months for the D.A. to FINALLY send me notice of the results (despite weekly calls) and it took the DMV OVER a year to inform me of my rights! And people wonder why there is so much bitterness. I understand clearly.

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