Drug Treatment – Not Jail, by Bill Haney, Ventura County Criminal Defense Attorney

Today, I had the privilege of representing a woman charged with child endangerment in the Ventura County Superior Court. The District Attorney demanded a 270-day jail sentence as punishment.

We submitted letters, a detailed sentencing brief and life history information to the judge. I then made a lengthy argument on my client’s behalf as to why imposing a jail sentence would not be in the bests interests of society. The Court agreed and sentenced my client to attend an in-patient drug treatment facility.   The client will never do a day of jail time if the judge later determines that she completed the program and obeyed by the terms of her probation.

Obtaining a just outcome in the criminal justice system requires detailed preparation for sentencing hearings.  The Court must be made fully aware of all mitigating factors if an attorney is to achieve the best possible outcome for the client at the time of sentencing.

I was overjoyed after the hearing.  I want to see my client take control of her life and achieve all of her dreams.   I am grateful to the justice system for tailoring a fair and just solution to my client’s problems.

I am free to provide a consultation to anyone charged with a criminal violation of law in the Ventura County Superior Court.

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