California Expungement Documents (Ventura County)

Note: Any person seeking to expunge a criminal conviction should first consult with a qualified criminal defense lawyer. This article does not constitute legal advice.

Misdemeanor Expungement Petitions

To obtain an expungement in California, a petitioner, or an attorney working on the petitioner’s behalf, should lodge the following documents:

(1) CR 180 – Petition for Dismissal.

(2) CR 181 – Order for Dismissal. 

In “interest of justice” cases —> (3) MC 031.   This document is a form declaration.  The MC 031 declaration explains why it is in the interests of justice to grant post-conviction relief if the petitioner is not entitled to an expungement as a matter of law due to a probation violation or for some other reason.

In Ventura County, misdemeanor expungement petitions are filed with the clerk’s office.  The court will seek input from the District Attorney and make a determination to grant or deny relief without a formal hearing.  The Superior Court will charge a $60 processing fee.

Felony Expungement Petitions

Felony expungement petitions must first be calendared in the Superior Court. The judge will direct the probation department to make a formal recommendation before a final determination is made to grant or deny relief.  The final determination shall be made at a formal court hearing.

Additional Expungement Resources:

The California Courts provide useful expungement information regarding the expungement process.  For advice from the court on how to “Clean Your Record,” click here: CLEAN YOUR RECORD.

For information concerning how to clean your record in other states, click here: “CLEAN SLATE CLEARINGHOUSE.”

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The California Labor Code provides protection to those who seek employment following the successful petition for expungement relief.  Click here to review Labor Code Section 432.7.  (Note: An attorney may provide very important “practical” advice concerning how to best handle job interview questions. California employers often conduct sophisticated background checks using private computer databases.)