Ventura College Criminal Justice Lecture

On March 1, 2017, Professor Haney served as a guest speaker for Ventura College criminal justice students. The lecture provided students with an outline of the criminal justice system.  Students received a detailed explanation of the roles played by defense attorneys, prosecutors and judges in the administration of justice. Students were also informed of unique problems affecting the accuracy of the criminal justice system, including: eyewitness identification, coercive plea bargaining and  inherent flaws in the bureaucracy of justice.

Professor Haney encouraged students to pursue legal and law enforcement careers. The criminal justice systems is only as accurate, fair and just as the professional actors who make the key decisions impacting our everyday lives.

Professor Haney is employed by Pepperdine University School of law as an adjunct faculty member. He teaches law students how to effectively prepare cases for trial. He serves Ventura, West Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties as a criminal defense attorney. His office is located in Ventura across the street from the Ventura County Government Center.