I have successfully defended many Ventura County narcotics cases.   As a former supervisor of the Ventura County District Attorney’s Major Narcotics Division, I know what to look for when defending your case.  My first step is to analyze the officers’ legal justification to search your home, person or vehicle.  We will strongly challenge any violation of your Fourth Amendment rights in a Ventura County narcotics case.  We will seek to suppress the “fruits” of an unlawful search.

I work closely with clients to scrutinize the strength of the case.   The detective is sometimes inexperienced and unrealistic in his opinion that the quantity of drugs found proves possession for sale.   This is especially true if the client has a documented drug problem.  Officers will sometimes point to questionable evidence when testifying that cash seized from the client is indicative of sales, or that notes found in the client’s apartment appear to reflect the names and purchase-history of customers.

Sales cases now carry serious jail or prison time.  If a judge or jury determines that the client merely possessed the drugs for personal use, the offense will only qualify as a misdemeanor.   If you or a loved one are charged with possessing narcotics for sale, please feel free to call (805) 585-0048 for a free consultation.  I look forward to hearing from you. You will find my contact information at www.billhaneylaw.com.